Connect With Your Calling: A 5 Week Journey

taught by Aimee Joy Taylor

Course description

What you will get:

-10 weeks (70 days) of access to the course!

This is designed as a 5 week experience. But, if you need to go slow, you can take 10 weeks to do it.  Alternately, you could take the course in 5 weeks and then repeat it for additional insights. Since you get access to the material for 10 weeks, it is completely up to you!

-A weekly video lesson from your instructor along with short video recaps, and activity sheets for each week.

You can print the activity sheets to complete them. Or, view the PDF read-only versions and use your own journal to work on the weekly activities.

-A bonus e-book of 30 journaling prompts to continue connecting with your calling after you complete the course.

About Connect With Your Calling

-This course was created to support people - especially massage therapists and healers - who feel called to make a difference in the world through their work.

-This course is a 5 week experiential journey - you will be guided to do activities each week in order to connect with your own calling.

-This course is all about you. It won't make sense if you don't do the activities, and it is important to know that the answers you are seeking about your calling must come from within.

-No one (and no course) can truly answer your questions about your calling - because it is yours alone. 

Note: What is possible, is for a course like this to create space and provide activities and support for exploring your own inner sense of the work you are meant to do in the world. Please note that this is not a Grief Massage training course - rather, this is a highly experiential journey to help you connect with your own inner sense of the work you are meant (or called) to do in the world.

What exactly is a calling?

According to the Online Etymological Dictionary, the noun "calling" has roots back to the 13th century and can refer to a "summons or invitation". Use of the word calling can also refer to one's work or vocation, a usage that traces back to religious tradition.

When I talk about your calling, I am talking about both a summons or invitation and a sense of vocation (the work you are meant to do). 

The way I've seen and experienced it, we can get a sense of being invited or summoned to do certain work in the world.

This course is about learning to begin connecting with your inner sense of your life purpose -- your life's work -- your mission.

What this course will do:

This is not your typical course. I'm not going to provide black and white answers or clear-cut facts about your calling.

I can't, because your calling is yours. I don't know what you are being summoned and invited to do.

What the course will offer, and what I can provide, is a structured series of exercises to help you tap into your creative, intuitive, artistic side. The part of yourself that may be more in touch with your calling than you realize.

I can't promise that you will walk away from this course with clear answers or action plans. In truth, you probably won't.

But what you will walk away with, if you faithfully set aside the time to do each of the activities and truly meditate on your calling, is a sense of what your path might feel like.

What images, colors and words feed your soul? 

Where do you hope to be in 10 years? 

What types of inspirations and ideas cross your mind throughout the day?

If you'd like to explore the small hunches and intuitions that can provide clues about your highest path of service, and you'd like to have support in the form of 5 weeks worth of activities (along with guided video lessons and worksheets), I invite you to join me on this special 5 week journey.

This course is for you if:

-You are a person - especially a massage therapist or healer - who is experiencing a sense that there is "more" to your work than simply making a living

-You have an awareness of how short life can be and you want to make a difference while you are here

-You want to connect with the intuitive, artistic, "feeling" parts of yourself

-You want to experiment with intention setting and paying attention to synchronicity

-You are comfortable with "gray areas", the unknown, and not having black and white answers (or you are willing to learn to tolerate this type of uncertainty)

-You can work on the course every day, for at least 5 minutes (25 minutes per day is ideal) over the next 5 weeks

This course is probably NOT for you if:

-You are not feeling nudged or called to make a difference through your work or with your life

-You aren't interested in connecting with the intuitive, artistic, "feeling" parts of yourself

-You are not open to experimenting with intention setting or paying attention to synchronicity

-You need help developing a business plan or marketing strategy

-You need or prefer clear cut facts and black and white answers

-You don't have time to work on the course every day

Aimee Joy Taylor
Aimee Joy Taylor
Founder of The Institute for Grief Massage Inc.

Aimee has been a licensed massage therapist since 2007 and currently holds a MA in Counseling along with a BA in Psychology (minor in Public Health). She was a grief counselor intern at a Hospice organization in her final year of counseling training.

She created the Grief Massage modality after massage therapy helped her heal from the sudden and traumatic death of her brother, Chris, in 2005. Her Grief Massage work deepened after the sudden and traumatic death of her mother, Karen, in 2009.

She believes that touch, safety, and unconditional acceptance can play a vital role in creating a kinder world for grieving people. In her work, she explores the grief experience as both deeply personal and profoundly cultural. She believes that Grief Massage is a powerful intervention that can provide relief from the stress, loneliness and isolation that many grievers face.

She is currently in the application process for her provisional counseling license and plans to open a mind-body grief counseling practice in Charlotte North Carolina. She also currently runs The Institute for Grief Massage Inc, the first ever school for training massage therapists in Grief Massage.

Her relevant professional experiences in Grief Massage include: 

2 time recipient of Community Service grants from the Massage Therapy Foundation (for Grief Massage, 2012/2013)

Author of "Massage for the Grieving", an article published in Massage & Bodywork Magazine, September 2017